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A La Carte Sandwiches, Sides and More

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All sandwiches come with a dill pickle spear and choice of coleslaw, macaroni salad, or potato salad.

Pastrami Sandwich Piled-High


Brisket Sandwich Piled-High


Corned Beef Sandwich Piled-High


Turkey Sandwich Piled-High



Chopped Liver

$9.95 ½ lb

Tuna Salad

$9.95 ½ lb

Egg Salad

$6.95 ½ lb

Potato Latkes

(3) for $4.75

Chicken Matzoh Ball Soup

$15.95 qt.

Cheese Blintzes

(4) for $9.95
Served with berry compote

Potato Knishes

$4.25 ea.
Buy ½ Dozen – Get (1) FREE, $24.95
Buy 1 Dozen – Get (2) FREE, $44.95

Noodle Kugel

$5.95 ea.
½ Pan Noodle Kugel - feeds up to 9 people, $34.95
Full Pan Noodle Kugel - feeds up to 20 people, $49.95

Featured Desserts

Black and White Cookies

$6.95 ½ Dozen

Rugelach – Chocolate or Raspberry

$16.95 ½ lb

Coconut Macaroons

$4.25 ea.

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